Episode 2 Recap | part one

Of Music and Men is a story, so it's best to start listening at episode one. This is a recap episode for episode two during our brief hiatus.

So, I’m going to give you a two-part recap of episode two before we get into episode three since it’s been a while. So, in case you forgot, episode two is called, Nothing but a number--that is, the collection of seven episodes of the podcast that make up episode two. You know how this works. Here, I’ll give you the recap of the story--without the cold openings--so you can get a full sense of where things will be when we pick back up.

So this first part is called, No Time for Biding, where Kenya tries to get Tk a performance at the Kennedy Center. She does, although it’s not as easy as she might think it should be, but the high from that performance is diluted when Tk meets a Boomer who also has aspirations of being a rapper.

Where to draw the timeline?
Kenya later meets up with J and Ty, and the get on the topic of age because J is seeing this dude who’s like 20, and although that’s only 8 years younger than her, Ty feels like it’s inappropriate. This conversation makes Kenya reveal her true feelings about her father’s new love interest who is closer to her age than his. She’s uncomfortable but she can’t explain why.

Men of a certain age
Later on that day, Kenya agrees (although somewhat reluctantly) to go out with an older guy, and when she chats with Stax about it, a male friend and fellow millennial, she realizes that maybe she should be more open to older men because, considering the ones her age, this might be the reason why she’s still single.

Ty has a secret admirer who she thinks is the father of one of her patients.

Since it’d be too long to put it all here, next week, I’ll give you part two of the recap next week. You can find links to all of the artists featured here in your show notes. I actually recommend going back and listening to the full episodes of the podcast which includes the cold open segment. They give you a timely, sometimes even philosophical viewpoint to help introduce the theme of the episode.

Lastly, don’t forget to go to to get you copy of episode two, nothing but a number, for any amount that you want to give.

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