Post-Ep3 Update: #1

I’ve been busy with Roadmap Writers stuff (pitching), my own writing (short film and new TV pilot), and the podcast. I’m ready to start really focusing on growth with this project. So although episodes are written, I may not publish new podcasts for the story for a while. It’s hard to balance the art and the other stuff. I’m an artist; the other stuff sucks me dry, but I need to focus on the other stuff for a little while.

For starters: please go to

I just finished a short film (excited): It was an honor to cast and work with two phenomenal Latinx actors, and tell a story with and through them that didn’t focus on trauma or stereotypical narratives we see about people from their native countries: Mexico and Cuba. 

Heroes aren’t born; they are made. Inspired by the work and story of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and the storytelling style of Alejandro González Iñárritu, this story is a journey of a young educated woman, filled with cynicism about her America. But we experience her transition from insecure skeptic... to confident candidate.

I hope this will inspire people of all races and backgrounds to be the heroes they want to see.

We’ve moved to Captivate (for podcast hosting). We’re excited to work with Captivate because of their commitment to growth, their beautiful platform, and the flexibility.

OM&M questions

I’ve changed the numbering for the podcast? Why?

Books/TV episodes are considered seasons in podcast feeds now.

Episode 3 is inspired by my love of sports, especially football. All of the motivational quotes were from famous athletes and coaches, and the storylines for each section used sports jargon to help move it along.

Was Kenneth Gold inspired by a real person? Episode 3.3: Fourth and Long

Paul Carrick Brunson and David Wygant (who inspired WIll Smith’s Hitch). 

Are there music signatures for characters?

I unconsciously went into this with signatures or sounds for all of them, but it actually became more clear with each character’s appearance and arch.

Kenya is Ambient/Urban, which can sound like a blend of Pop, Hip Hop, and R&B, (Top 40) but at the same time, it may not be definitively any of those. The kind of music you might hear any of your favorite popular artists on.

J is definitely more of a social girl, so you might hear more EDM, House, and electronic music, usually something with high energy

Ty is Jazz and R&B. She actually is a fan of Classical too but I use Classical music with the cold opening, so I don’t usually use it again within the episodes. But she’s a big fan of the opera so it wouldn’t be out of the question to use it during some of her scenes.

Tk is a Hip Hop artist so hers is the easiest. The same with Lucas, who’s a singer-songwriter, so his sound is more acoustic and soft Rock.

Derek St. Cyr (aka Dream Guy) has a signature song (not sound because we won’t ever tell the story through the eyes of the men. They are there to support the women so no matter how important they are, we only see them through the eyes of Kenya, Ty or J). But his signature song is a Dubstep song, mostly because that glitchy sound is a way of musically describing how Kenya feels when she sees him.

To see their visual styles and fashion, go to It’s so cool. We have virtual closets for all of the characters, so you can get a clear idea of what they dress like.

Make sure to follow OM&M everywhere online @ofmusicandmen, don’t forget to take the survey, which is linked up here in your show notes. My goal is to continue to give you updates, answer your questions, and generally stay connected as I try to build around this incredible story.

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