Post-Ep3 Update: #2

In this quick update, I give you some more insight into my non-Of Music and Men writing ventures, talking to Hollywood execs, and how to navigate finding (and sticking to) your voice. I also reveal who my dream network would be for OM&M, and how this is all coming together.

I have a few projects, but I’ve mostly only focused on Reaper and OM&M. You all know about OM&M so I’ll tell you a little bit about Reaper.

Art is subjective. Some people get it and some don’t. And that’s okay. Just for the ones that don’t, I can’t allow them to try and make it into what they want it to be.

Working with Roadmap has helped me become confident in my brand. Seeing so many writers who are all unique, I now find it not only okay but I’m encouraged to be unapologetic in what my writer brand is.

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Hailing from our nation’s capital, Kayona Ebony Brown is a multi-hyphenate storyteller who grew up in a home that nurtured her eccentricities and unexpected interests of a girl. Thus, she gives fuel to female-driven vehicles, emphasizing existential undertones, putting unusual or unpredictable women at the wheel.

Using drama to bake fresh narratives, her stories are always flavored with other genres—fantasy, sports, music—which gives her work with both TV and feature scripts a common thread: she makes female leads of color just as acceptably flawed and admirably defective as the straight white men we always find a way to love.

Rejecting the presumed path of a Washingtonian (government work) in favor of art, Kayona is the recipient of multiple awards for her writing and filmmaking, as she continues to build her career independently.