Q&A for Episode two (part two)

If you're new, this is a story, so it's best to start at episode one.

Hi, Kayona here. Here's part two of last week's interview with Sovereign Noir Publications.

I hope you’ve been enjoying the podcast so far, as I've really enjoyed bringing it to you. Episode 2.7 (the last FULL episode you heard) was the completion of book two, or if this were the TV show, it would’ve been episode two of that.

With this global crisis, we’ve all been affected, and all of us in different ways. Personally, things have been quite hard for me financially, as I am a small business owner who has made money through artistic gig work over the last few year, which is a double edged sword. It allows me the opportunity to work on my art more consistently, but it’s subject to the whims of people who need you when they need you, and when they don’t need you, then they don’t need you--hence, no income for you.

This is especially difficult for me right now as I’m trying to get the next novella (episode two of the series) out to you. Now of course, you just listened to it here with these last 7 episodes of the podcast but the book is a different experience. It was supposed to come out April 2020, but considering everything that’s happening, I’ve had to delay its release. However, I will be making it available to you digitally (on our website, within the next few weeks. I’ll let you know here when you can get it.

But of course, members of our Patreon club get it free and early as part of their membership. If you’re not a Patron but would like to become one--and honestly, doing so really helps me to make this show every week--you can learn more about it at

Anyway, I must take a brief hiatus for the next few weeks to get my mind right and get resources straight, in order to continue producing this podcast. But don’t worry, I’m still going to release shows; it just won’t be proper episodes from the story like you’re normally used to. I’ll be giving you a few Q&As and talks about the project to keep you in the loop.

Since I’m doing this project alone, I have to turn my attention to some other aspects that I simply haven't been able to focus on whilst also focusing on the art--namely, trying to figure out how to grow the audience.

Anyway, here’s part two of a recent interview I did with the Chief Operator of Sovereign Noir Publications, who incidentally will be publishing the next book for you.

Thanks for continuing to tune in, and enjoy the show.

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