Update: What you need to know about book 3

Of Music and Men is a story, so it's best to start listening at episode one. This episode is a bonus episode during our brief hiatus.

Good news! This is the last update before we jump into book three (the collection of podcast episodes that make up book three). Thank you for being patient during this time when I’m sure we all may have had other more pressing issues to concern ourselves with.

So, I think I mentioned a couple updates ago that I was the July winner of the Roadmap Writers Diversity Initiative. This has been somewhat life changing and actually very necessary for me at this point in my career because winning this is not just a bragging right thing; it came with access to their pitch prep program.

If you are a screenwriter, I highly recommend you go to and check out some of their programs and courses. They are doing some wonderful work over there, and when I’m on stage collecting my Emmy’s and Oscars, I’m going to remember them as being an integral part of my journey.

You know Justin Simien’s work even if you can’t place the name yet. He’s the incredible creator and writer of the movie and Netflix show, Dear White People. If you came to my novella launch party at Bus Boys and Poets, you may remember me giving a short list of great projects and creators that took as long (if not, longer) than it’s taking the Universe to get my OM&M project to the world. Justin Simien’s Dear White People was one of the examples I used. It took him several years to get his project made, but when it happened, it was so perfect.

If you’ve ever had a private conversation with me, you’ve heard me say that DWP is one of the most unrated shows on TV and the best show among those targeting the millennial Black audience (at least, it’s my favorite one). Anyway, back on July 17, Justin Simien put three projects on his Culture Machine IG, giving them a shoutout, and honestly, I took it as somewhat of an endorsement. OM&M was one of them. So shout out to Justin Simien for the public acknowledgement. I’m especially grateful to people who do things that they really don’t have to do. This probably relatively small act to him means the world to me, so go watch DWP on Netflix if you haven’t already, and look out for Bad Hair the film coming soon on Hulu.

If you haven’t yet, go back and catchup with the story starting with episode 1.1 to get the full experience. If you’re pressed for time, we have recap episodes that’ll get you caught up on everything. Not the full experience but at least you’ll be caught up.

Don’t forget episode two novella is available at

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